Modern LED Pendant Lamps


These Modern LED Pendant Lamps feature a contemporary hexagon design that adds a stylish and futuristic touch to any space. With integrated LED technology, they provide both functional lighting and an eye-catching ceiling decor element.


Style: Modern
Lighting Type: Pendant Lamps
Bulb Type: Integrated LED
Finish: Matte black or brushed nickel
Voltage: 120 volts
Wattage: 20 watts per lamp
Color Temperature: Adjustable (3000K to 6000K)
Lumens: 1800 lumens per lamp
Dimmable: Yes (remote control included)


Lamp Height: 12 inches
Lamp Width: 10 inches
Ceiling Decor Width: 36 inches (hexagon)

Approximately 8 lbs (for a set of three lamps)


Metal construction with a choice of matte black or brushed nickel finish


Color: White


Sleek hexagon design for a modern look
Integrated LED technology for energy efficiency and longevity
Adjustable color temperature for customizable ambiance
Dimmable functionality with included remote control
Easy installation with mounting hardware included


Minimal assembly required, includes installation instructions and hardware.

What’s Included:

Set of three LED pendant lamps
Remote control for dimming and color adjustment
Mounting hardware


Ideal for use in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, or any space where modern lighting and decorative flair are desired. Compatible with most standard ceiling electrical junction boxes.